Beauty From Above and Beyond: DB28XP Meteorite

Once more, De Bethune reaches for the stars – quite literally – with the new DB28XP Meteorite. With this watch, the iconic DB28XP presents itself with a new meteorite dial and a black zirconium case, testifying to the birth of a galaxy and paying tribute to the unrestrained force of nature.

Ferrous meteorites habe already been used at De Bethune, most notably one of the cases of the famous Dream Watch 5 and the dial of the DB28 Kind of Blue Meteorite. For the new DB28XP Meteorite, the Maison is working with a new kind of meteorite: Muonionalustra Meteorite. It is the world’s oldest known meteorite to date, with the first fragment being discovered in Sweden in 1906. Composed mainly of iron and nickel, it is distinguised by the perfectly geometrical lines of its 60° angle cross-hatched “Widmanstätten” pattern.
The dial of the DB28XP Meteorite is adorned with an ancestral stone forged in space. A meal alloy that endows the dial with a distinctive texture, along with geometrical patterns aligned in a precise way that makes each timepiece special and unique. The level of complexity is significantly raised, since De Bethune created a starry sky accompanied by its Milky Way on a previously blued meteorite dial. The azure shade results from the heat released by the chemical reactions of the heated stone.

Dotted across this blue dial surface is a multitude of small white gold pins, driven in between the different shapes and thicknesses of the octahedral geometric structures. Like tiny suspended marbles, these glittering flashes of light endow the celestial vault with its aura of timeless depth. In addition to bringing a unique fragment of space to the wrist, each sky is different: each customer can choose a given constellation, according to a precise sky map, at a specific date, time and place.
Apart from all that, the DB28XP Meteorite also features the distinct graphic codes of the Manufacture, with a zirconium hour circle, a minutes ring bearing Arabic numerals and the discreet De Bethune signature at 12 o’clock, complemented by pink gold hands.

De Bethune has the DB28XP Meteorite equipped with a ultra-light, polished black zirconium 43-mm-case with floating lugs and a crown that sits at the 12 o’clock position. The use of zirconium for the case represents a natural and sustainable alternative for achieving a black colour. The hardness of the metal and its stable oxidation guarantee the resistance and durability a wristwatch requires.

Inside works the calibre DB2115V7, a hand-wound movement which is equipped with the De Bethune balance, visible through the 6 o’clock dial aperture. It works at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour and provides a power reserve of approximately 6 days.

The De Bethune DB28XP Meteorite is a limited edition. Only 10 pieces will be produced of this watch. Every one is outfitted with a black alligator leather strap.

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