Bovet Récital 22 Grand Récital

In 2016, Bovet introduced the Récital Shooting Star tourbillon, one year later the watch manufacturer reprised this timepiece with the Récital 20 Astérium and now Bovet completes this ambitious trilogy with the Récital 22 Grand Récital.
The Récital 22 Grand Récital tourbillon invites its wearer to observe the three heavenly bodies that set the pace of our lives: the sun, earth, and moon. The sun is represented by the flying tourbillon, the hemispherical earth rotates on its own axis and shows the hours on a natural 24-hour cycle. Finally, a spherical moon orbits the earth. A truly extraordinary celestial timepiece.


To accentuate the splendor of the sun, Bovet has raised the tourbillon carriage above the surface of the movement. Its construction is characterized by its central attachment. The five arms of the titanium carriage bridge surround the regulating organ and evoke fiery rays. By rotating once every sixty seconds, the tourbillon indicates the seconds by a hand affixed directly to the carriage wheel and travels over a scaled twenty-second sector.
The earth is represented by a hemisphere. Its surface is adorned with an engraved map. By the incorporation of luminescent substances into the miniature painting, the earth becomes a radiant highlight in the dark. To enhance the sense of realism, clouds and air currents are painted on the globe’s surface. As in reality, the earth naturally performs one anti-clockwise rotation every 24 hours. At the base of the globe, a graduated scale displays the hour by means of a three-dimensional titanium hand, situated between the tourbillon and the globe. Thanks to the black and white coloring of the ring surrounding the earth it is easy to determine where it is currently nighttime in the world.
The moon is represented by a sphere that makes a complete orbit once ever 29.53 days exactly. The mechanism only allows a discrepancy of just one day every 122 days. The sphere is divided into two parts: one black, while the second is engraved with the textured surface of the moon. The engraved sections of the second half are filled with a luminescent substance, which makes it possible to clearly see which part of the moon is directly illuminated by the Sun.


The retrograde minutes and the power reserve indicator are positioned on the left-hand side of the tourbillon carriage. Its metal bezel also contains a magnifying glass, which makes it possible to read the date display on a glass disk circulating on the lower section of the movement. To emphasize the date, a ring machined directly from solid luminescent material highlights the inner edge of the aperture. It is symmetrically positioned in relation to the upper cone ring and the power reserve wheel.

However, to admire the full extent of the ingenuity of this timepiece, it must be observed from all angles. Reversing the Récital 22 Grand Récital and looking through its large sapphire crystal, one can not only see the decorations on the movement but the hour, day, month, and leap-year indicators as well as a large date disk – the perpetual calendar.

The watch is powered by a mechanical calibre, the 17DM03-TEL, to be exact. It works at a frequency of 18.000 vph and provides a power reserve of approximately 9 days. The movement is regulated by a double-sided flying tourbillon.

Bovet will only manufacture 60 pieces of the Récital 22 Grand Récital. A relatively high number considering the complexity and craftsmanship going into each of these watches. Each of the 60 timepieces in this limited edition is a unique piece. Collectors can choose the orientation of the painted world map so that a chosen location would be positioned on the earth-sun axis when the timepiece displays midday. This customization option means that each movement and timepiece is assembled once the collector’s special requests have been received.

The Récital 22 Grand Récital features a rosé gold or platinum case that boasts a diameter of 46.3 mm. It is water resistant up to 3 atm at is completed by an alligator strap.


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