Carl Suchy & Söhne: New Series in Longstanding Tradition


About 100 years ago there was only one place to go for Austrian luxury watches: Carl Suchy & Söhne. Formerly known as the leading watchmaker of the Habsburg Empire, the brand was absent from the market for a long time before returning in 2017. The launch series and limited edition of the Waltz N°1 sold-out quickly. Now Carl Suchy & Söhne presents a second series and we thought this was the perfect opportunity to introduce the manufacturer and its creations.

The automatic wristwatch Waltz N°1 combines a unique historical legacy with cutting-edge contemporary design and Swiss craftsmanship. In addition to the four classic black and white color schemes, five watches of the new blue-steel version “Waltz N°1 Blue Danube”, featuring a dark-blue dial, crown, and strap, are available for the first time.


The Waltz N°1 is entirely handcrafted. In this watch, Carl Suchy & Söhne combines a minimalistic design with a deep love for high-quality materials and an obsession for technological innovation.
The Waltz N°1’s signature is the guilloché pattern on the dial, which is divided in half by vertical and horizontal striping, as is the identically patterned “Waltzing Disc” at six o’clock. Like the dance from which the watch derives its name, the second disc rotates in perfect circles, thus aligning with the dial’s guilloché pattern once per minute – it is a tribute to Vienna’s coffe house culture and the Viennese sense of time, in which the second does not count.

Visible through the sapphire glass case back, the Waltz N°1 boasts an adapted movement by Vaucher Fleurier Manufacture with a gold-plated micro-rotor, allowing for the watch’s extra flatness and light weight.
The calibre VMF 5401 is an automatic movement, decorated with Geneva Stripes and featuring a 48-hour power reserve.

The case of the Waltz N°1 is made from stainless steel. It measures 41.5 mm in diameter and only 9.3 mm in height. It is water-resistant up to 3 atm and comes with a leather strap.

These watches come at a price of 7.850€. They can only be purchased online or through personal appointments as well as at exclusive Carl Suchy & Söhne events.


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