Diver’s Watch: The Mathieu Legrand Immergée

_MG_9487Swiss manufacturer Mathieu Legrand has added a diver’s watch to the current watch collection, the Immergée. This reliable watch comes in various versions and is the perfect company for every recreational or desk diver. Dive watches can be an indispensable tool underwater, but they are also a symbol of the explorer in all of us. So it’s absolutely acceptable to buy yourself a handsome dive watch even when it’s not likely for you to see a coral reef up close and personal any time soon – since a dive watch is a staple style piece.

_MG_9469Diving is dependent on timing and therefore all divers need a way to check their timing and track the remaining air in the tank. Hence, the Mathieu Legrand Immergée features the mandatory unidirectional rotating bezel that can only be moved counter-clockwise. This feature is used to compute the length of the dive by aligning the zero on the bezel with the minute hand when starting the dive. This way the elapsed time can easily be read from the bezel.

Since diver’s watches have to withstand a seawater environment and high pressure, they are constructed more sturdy, are heavier and larger compared to the typical dress watch.
The dial complements the big 45 mm stainless steel case nicely. The readability is great thanks to the colored highlights and the generous use of lume. The Immergée features a date window at 6 o’clock, a subdial for the running seconds at 3 o’clock and a subdial for the chronograph at 9 o’clock. A press to the pusher above the crown brings the chronograph to life, starting with the long, centered seconds hand. The subdial at 9 o’clock records the chronograph time up to 30 minutes. The chronograph hands are repositioned when the pusher beneath the crown is pressed.

Inside the case works a precise quartz movement made in Switzerland. In addition to accuracy, a dive watch must also possess superior water resistance. The Mathieu Legrand Immergée withstands pressure up to 20 atm.

_MG_9502A comfortable rubber strap holds the diver’s watch on the wrist. It is a little longer than usual to assure the watch can be worn over a diving suit. Also the clasp is generously designed so it can be handled it while wearing gloves.

The Mathieu Legrand Immergée is available in five different colors making it a very versatile watch capable of being used in both formal and more informal occasions.
Retail price is 1639€.

For more information visit www.mathieu-legrand.ch

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