Multi-faced, Reflective, Modern: The New HYT


HYT just presented a new watch, a H0. The H0 Time is Precious simultaneously reflects and questions our time. A beautiful reminder of time’s unstoppable flow, it is the stage for dramatic dialogues between art and science, innovation and craftsmanship, the now and its context.
In this timepiece, modern aesthetics and deep-rooted technical expertise convert an irreducible slice of life into a random kaleidoscope of our precious existence.

Visually and technically, the H0 Time is Precious is an aphorism of the HYT philosophy that time is to be cherished. Its design show that fragmentation and the desire to explore different perspective do not compromise functionality and fluidity.
The stunning dial, comprising 63 mirrored facets, each lightly tilted at an angle, sets the scene for a contemporary viewpoint. The ever-changing lighting effects, induced by human movement, continually allude to the present’s mobility, poised between the past and the future.

Fusing diverse protagonists creates a powerful whole, expressing depth and richness by unifying the many layers of time and space. The use of monocrystalline silicon and laser cutting take haute-horlogerie marquetry into three-dimensional cubism on the dial. A seamless relationship between the HYT patented micro-fluidic module and proprietary mechanical caliber constantly and precisely document time’s passage.

Four windows of different shapes and sizes punctuate the dial. These offer a glimpse of time’s transience. The two bellows that act as the pulse of the red and clear liquids that trace time’s progress, a power reserve display and a disc showing the advancement of the seconds are all visible. Signing off allegiance to full transparency is a sapphire minute counter and see-through rubber bracelet. Nothing can hide from time.



Three-dimensionality and reflection define the character of the H0 Time is Precious. The side view of the watch hosts the phrase “Time is Precious”, engraved front-on and in mirror writing around the stainless steel case. The case measures 48.8 mm in diameter and 18.7 mm in height which means, that this watch is clearly standing out on the wrist.

The calibre, HYT is using to power the H0 Time is Precious is an exclusive mechanical movement, working at a frequency of 4 Hz and providing a power reserve von 65 hours. The transmission between movement and fluidic module is achieved by a cam-follower system.

The H0 Time is Precious is a limited Edition of only 50 pieces.

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