Hamilton: Homage to Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey

Hamilton ODC X-03 - H51598990 - detail image 5 HR

The Omega Speedmaster might be the watch that actually proved its value in outer space and on the moon – but it surely isn’t the only watch with a connection to the final frontier. Not, if we count Hollywood and its fictional space travel and hey, why shouldn’t we?
Hamilton’s relationship with Hollywood is somewhat notorious and it began as early as 1951. Since then, Hamilton watches have appeared in numerous films and the partnerships with Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey and Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar are the most important for the brand.
Hamilton has decided to celebrate these two iconic blockbusters with the creation of an outstanding and daring timepiece, the ODC X-03. Inspired by Interstellar’s Endurance spaceship, the ODC X-03 is the result of Nathan Crowley’s work. The production designer of Interstellar and three times Oscar-nominee takes this watch into a whole other galaxy.

The ODC X-03 is the third in a trilogy of watches that has its roots in Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. The X-01 and X-02 were also inspired by it.
The most striking feature of the ODC X-03 is its dial. It comes with a very realistic 3D printed picture of the planet Jupiter, orbited by three dials. The largest one at 3 o’clock shows the current time, the subdial at 7 o’clock indicates the home time. The third subdial at 11 o’clock shows the Universal Coordinated Time (UTC). The white numerals come in a lovely retro design, contrasting beautifully before the background of the black galvanic rings surrounding them.
When you look closely you can see that Jupiter doesn’t cover the dial completely; on the right sight there’s a gap, which makes the planet looking even more vivid.
The dial is protected by a sapphire crystal.

Hamilton ODC X-03 - H51598990 - detail image 2 HR

Hamilton ODC X-03 - H51598990 - detail image 1 HR

The ODC X-03 sports a robust 49 mm by 52 mm hexagonal case in titanium with black PVD coating. Asymmetric rivets secure the bezel on the case. The crowns are seamlessly integrated into the case, and pulled out when one of the subdials needs to be adjusted.
The case-back is engraved with key facts on Jupiter, for example size and temperature. To round off this timepiece, the timepiece comes with a textile strap with leather lining.

Echoing its older sibling, the X-02, the X-03 is also powered by three (!) movements: one automatic and two quartz ones. The main dial is powered by the ETA 2671 automatic movement, two ETA 901.001 quartz movements are in charge of the two subdials.
With traditional Hamilton quality, craftsmanship, reliability and stunning good looks, the ODC X-03 is a masterpiece with a futuristic and bold appearance.
Hamilton will only be making 999 pieces of this watch.

Hamilton ODC X-03 - H51598990 - detail image 3 HR

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