Hublot Introduces a Highly Colorful Addition to Its Collection

When the art of jewellery-making encounters that of watchmaking, poetry is never far away. And the latest creation from Hublot, the Big Bang Unico Full Baguette King Gold Rainbow, is undoubtedly magical. A rainbow of brightly colored gemstones on a backdrop of pink gold enchantes everyone who catches a glimpse of this watch.
We have been seeing an array of watches clad in precious and colorful stones for quite some time now from major manufacturers. This seems to be a persistent trend for women’s and men’s watches that continues to stay. And we’re not complaining.

Scarlet blends into fuchsia to become ultraviolet, a tiny bit Klein blue, turquoise, then sky. The green is shaded in chlorophyll to become soft, seize upon a vibrant yellow and blossoms in a warm orange. In an invisible closed setting, 290 fine gemstones draw an audacious, vibrant and joyful spectrum around the dial, closely hugging the case, lugs and bezel of the Big Bang Unico Full Baguette King Gold Rainbow. They are so closely set that the pink gold underneath only occasionally has a chance to shine through. The fascinating color palette is undoubtedly captivating – one can forget to read the time while meditating over so much beauty. The coordination and mastery of exceptional skills – selecting, cutting, sorting and setting – which encompass the radical plans of Hublot micromechanics.

The case of the Big Bang Unico Full Baguette King Gold Rainbow features a diameter of 45 mm. One hundred rubies, pink sapphires, amethysts, blue sapphires and topazes, tsavorites and yellow and orange sapphires line up in a radiant chromatic composition. 112 baguette-cut gemstones edge its bezel in studied hues that echo the subtle shades of the 48 gemstones set on the dial and the indexes.

The dial itself not only sports more gemstones but offers an in-depth look into the movement. The Unico HUB1242 chronograph flyback mechanism works tirelessly and precisely at 4 Hz. Additionally. the automatic movement provides a power reserve of approximately 72 hours.

Putting the finishing touches to this jewellery piece, the celestial phenomenon unfolds across the alligator and natural rubber strap and illuminates the clasp set with another 30 gemstones.

It almost seems like a waste that Hublot has skeletonised the dial and that the Big Bang Unico Full Baguette King Gold Rainbow allows a generous view of the inside of the movement. Who’s going to look at it with so much beautiful distraction around?

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