Let there be light… with the UR-105 CT Kryptonite


There are several features that set Urwerk watches apart from any other product of the luxury watch sector. The most obvious is of course Urwerk’s trademark satellite wandering-hours indication. Equally unmistakeable is the shape of the case with its imposing crown at 12 o’clock. The more perspective might also remark on the liberal use of Super-LumiNova lighting up the indications on the dial. This is more than a creative whim by the brand’s creators; it harks back to the source of thei

Luminosity is also at the heart of Urwerk’s latest creation. Its name “Kryptonite” derives from the intense green light emitted from the hour markers. But far from having the baleful effect of the mythical meteorite, it’s a perfect color match for the watchcase.


In addition to its mesmerising effect, the UR-105 CT Kryptonite is first of all a beautiful object that fits snugly in the palm of your hand. It’s unique shape is a remarkable octagon with deep grooves along its length. The Art Deco influences are apparent in its geometric angularity and symmetry. The Kryptonite has a minimalist look with clean lines and without decorative frills. It is structured vertically, drawing its inspiration from skyscrapers like the Empire State Building or the Chrysler, but with a sombre look, more Gotham City than New York.

To reveal the mechanism of the UR-105 CT, you have to slide the catch on the top of the case. It’s a wandering hour indication based on a new openwork carousel, which carries the four satellites, each bearing three numerals for the hours. The hours successively sweep past the minute scale for an analogue and digital display of the time.  A power-reserve indicator and digital seconds make up the rest of the information displayed on the dial. The digital seconds are remarkable in that they indicate tens of seconds. The mechanism was made using a photolithographic process, with each marker openworked to make it as light as possible. It thus weighs less than a tenth of a gram.
When the watch is closed, it looks austere, with only the time indication visible. Open the cover and you delve into a metallic environment that is quite cold, yet you perceive a notion of speed and an effort at efficiency. The carousel has been completely redesigned with efficiency in mind, becoming ultra-light and ultra-rigid.
The titanium case measures 39,5 mm in width, 53 mm in length and 17,8 mm in height. It is water-resistant up to 3 atm.


The Urwerk UR-105 CT Kryptonite is powered by the UR 5.03, a selfwinding system governed by twin turbines. In the “Full” position, the slightest movement of the wrist is harnessed to rewind the barrel springs. Turn the lever to “Stop” to disengage the selfwinding system and wind up the caliber using the crown. If you are particularly active, select the intermediate position, red (for reduced). This engages the turbines to dampen the winding rotor and avoid overstressing the mainspring.
The UR 5.03 is working at a frequency of 4 Hz and provides a power reserve of approximately 48 hours.

This might be not a watch for everyone, but we’re sure, it finds a lot of admirers and devoted fans.

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