Let There Be Light with the HYT Flow

In the boldly dynamic Flow Timepieces, HYT takes the craftsmanship of mechanical watchmaking into a new age of enlightenment. Mechanics replace electronics as the catalyst of illumination, with a proprietary new complication generating light on demand. How awesome is that? Let’s take a closer look at that.
Two variations on the Flow theme, both limited editions, play very differnt games with the light.

HYT’s Flow watches mirror the brand’s relentless quest to bring innovation that resonates with its contemporary context. Literally speaking, light brightens what already exists; figuratively it brings deeper understanding. HYT translates this principle int the watchmaking arena. They are about the possibilities that emerge when performance enters new territories.
Triggered by a pusher, a specially developed micro-generator stores and dispels the energy to activate 8 or 13 LEDs, according to the version. These then visibly spread light evently across the dial, mimicking a natural wave. Element by element, the illumination reveals the various “stories” that make up the piece’s time-telling capacity, never allowing the wearer to lose sight of time’s unstoppable flow.

On one, a dome of 73 baguette-cut diamonds dances spectacularly to rhythms derived from the 13 LEDs below it. This unique horological light show is a theatre for continual, energized change uniting jewelry and light thanks to the dynamic reflection and refraction.
Another execution addresses the concept of infinity through a precisely tapered vortex shape. Here the imagination is invited to visualize a revolving, never-ending flow towards the bellows, as a side-aperture welcomes the light emitted by 8 LEDs.

The HYT Flow is equipped with a bold asymmetrical case which measures 51 mm in diameter. A ring of Super-LumiNova documents the antithesis of night and day. Polished accents on the circular-brushed case underline specific elements such as bezel angles.
This is an appropriate overture to the three-dimensional character of the opaline-finished grey dials, which are metallic and velvety at the same time. HYT has cut out strips of metal to obtain the wave illusion. The high-energy appearance of the dials’ backgrounds contrasts with the calmer, more minimalistic time indication; concave and convex surfaces tease each other.

This is the perfect setting for the three-dimensional character of the gray, opalescent dials, which are metallic and velvety at the same time. HYT has cut out metal strips from the dials to recreate the optical illusion of a source. The dynamic appearance of this background contr asts with the minimalist time display; concave and convex surfaces complement each other. The fluid hours are displayed in iridescent blue in the HYT Flow. A domed sapphire crystal is positioned above the dial.

The HYT Flow is powered by a mechanical movement. The calibre operates at a frequency of 4 Hz and displays fluidic hours, minutes, seconds and the power reserve (approx. 65 hours after fully wound). As with all HYT watches the micro-fluidic module consists of a glass capillary tube, multi-layer metal bellows and immiscible liquids.

All HYT Flow watches are worn on an orange rubber straps. As already mentioned, we are talking about two limited editions here, with 25 pieces each.

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