Minimalist World Traveler: Senator Cosmopolite


In 2015, Glashütte introduced the Senator Cosmopolite, a complex watch which comes with a minimalistic design  – once you have gained overview over all the functions this Glashütte masterpiece provides. The Senator Cosmopolite is based on the Grande Cosmopolite Tourbillon which premiered in 2012 and shows the time in 36 different time zones.

There are not that many watches which display all of the 36 world time zones currently in use. Most world timers offer 24 time zones – the ones that are offset from the Greenwich Mean Time and have time intervals of one hour – and feature a world map. All this watches are based on a concept which was introduced in 1930 by Louis Cottier. Glashütte uses a different approach. You won’t find a world map on the Senator Cosmopolite, the dial is easy to read and the watch does not only offer all 36 time zones but also Daylight Saving Time (DST).

Dark blue printed Arabic numerals and blue appliques are set off against the matte white lacquered dial. A small second at 6 o’clock and the Panorama Date at 4 o’clock complement blued central minute and hour hands. The separate home time display at 12 o’clock is combined with an helpful day/night indicator and a power reserve indicator. The two auxiliary dials are circumscribed by a slim, brilliant silver ring.

At 8 o’clock two narrow display windows fit snugly into the curve of the dial and present the destination as an IATA international airport code in one of three colours, and separate displays for Daylight Saving and Standard Time.

Setting the displays is quite simple: the home time can be set using a crown at 2 o’clock, and the current time zone is selected using the crown at 8 o’clock. When traveling east (forward in time), one turns the crown at 4 o’clock clockwise until the IATA code for the destination time zone appears in the corresponding DST or STD window. When traveling west (back in time) one turns the crown counter-clockwise. In both cases the central hour and minute hands shift forwards or back in 15-minute steps, s that the IATA code for the destination time zone can be seen in the DST or STD window. And that’s it, nor further changes have to be made: the central hour and minute hands indicate the correct time at the destination, enhanced by the correct day/night indication at 9 o’clock – and by the correct date at the destination. If, when setting the destination time, one advances past midnight, the Panorama Date shows the corresponding change of date, backwards or forwards as the case may be.


The new Senator Cosmopolite features a stainless steel case (the first two were made from white or rosé gold) with a 44-mm-diameter. It is partly matte, partly polished and is fitted with a deep blue leather bracelet.

The intelligent mechanics making all that possible, are hidden within the 4 Hz in-house calibre 89-02. The automatic movement is powered by an off-centre rotor and provides a power reserve of 72 hours. Its finished surfaces and numerous details can be seen through the sapphire crystal case back.


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