New Interpreted: Die Doxa SUB 300T Conquistador

As we watch enthusiasts all know, there are brands in Swiss watchmaking that are steeped in a rich, long and fascinating history and that always try to live up to a relentless pursuit of excellence. Doxa is a prime example for this.
In 1969, Doxa unveiled the SUB 300T Conquistador. Reliable, efficient and affordable, it was the first diver’s watch equipped with a helium release valve, a unidirectional rotating bezel for setting no decompression dive times. The Conquistador also had a bright orange dial, known for its excellent readability, especially under water. Developed for the general public and the growing number of underwater diving enthusiasts, the SUB 300T Conquistador already then set the benchmark for what a specially developed diver’s watch should be capable of as early as the late 1960s.
Today, 50 years later, this watch is back – and available in a choice of six dial colors. The new SUB 300T Conquistador is a testament to the enduring appeal of the Doxa SUB concept and the unshakeable loyalty it enjoys among professional and recreational divers worldwide.

The legend returns not only with six different dials; they are all historic and original: orange, of course (Professional), yellow (Divingstar), navy blue (Caribbean), turquoise (Aquamarine), silver (Searambler), and black (Sharkhunter). And, of course, the new Doxa SUB 300T Conquistador also combines all the technical aspects that make it a reliable diving watch for today. Above the characteristic dial lies a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.
The Doxa SUB 300T is housed in a 42.5 mm stainless steel case that is water-resistant up to 120 bar and allows its wearer to dive to corresponding depths. In addition, the new Conquistador features a unidirectional rotating bezel with dual indication of dive time in minutes and depth in feet for returning to the surface without decompression stops.
All the display elements related to diving information feature a Super-LumiNova luminescent coating to ensure optimal legibility under low light conditions and underwater.

The Doxa SUB 300T is equipped with a stainless steel bracelet. From mid-December, Doxa will also be offering a rubber strap.

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