SIHH 2018: DeWitt Academia Endless Drive


The SIHH 2018 is approaching and the watch manufacturers are coming forward with their creations. We, in the watch world, are getting more and more excited, because what we’ve seen so far is awesome and we cannot wait till spring comes and we get our hands on some of the models we are already seeing.
Today, we’re looking at the Academia Endless Drive, DeWitt just introduced. It reveals an original design, consistent with the strong and distinct character of DeWitt creations, with an endless screw as the dial’s distinguishing piece.

The most striking feature is the innovative design of the new Academia Endless Drive’s dial, whose centre features a rotating endless screw, a nod to automotive mechanics, the field of inspiration preferred by DeWitt’s founder, Jérôme de Witt. The curves of the screw in unidirectional movement denote an irreversible rotation that never fails to fascinate the observer and serves as an allegory for time itself. Through both aesthetics and function, the model forms a new addition to DeWitt’s series of watch creations with strong and distinct character.

The hand-crafted dial meets a high standard of finishes. The hours and minutes are indicated with two discs located at 9 and 3 o’clock that rotate around a fixed central piece.


The Geneva-based Manufacture de Haute Horlogerie  innovates and offers a winding mechanism that confers an unusual movement to the helical screw, which is linked to the power reserve’s winding system. More precisely, the model features two degrees of freedom. As the 59-hour power reserve decreases, the screw rotates. When the barrel is wound, the screw slides on its longitudinal axis.
For this, DeWitt’s watchmakers adapted the standard in-house 5050 automatic movement, entirely developed, produced and assembled by hand in order to give life to a model with a lot of allure.

The movement is housed in a 42.5 mm diameter round case. It creates an interplay of contrasting effects through the combination of traditional and innovative materials, rose gold and black rubber. It subtly creates the famous imperial column motif, the distinctive signature of DeWitt with the symbol of Napoleon I. Two small “W” signatures are also found on the crown and on the buckle.

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