Singer Reimagined is Reimagining Watchmaking

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Born from the encounter between Rob Dickinson and Marco Borraccino, Singer Reimagined was created to reimagine high-watchmaking. Combining obsessive attention to detail, unique perspectives and a love for the iconic sport watches of the 1960 and 1970s, the duo was soon joined by master watchmaker Jean-Marc Wiederrecht who would provide a revolutionary chronograph movement to power their first opus, Track1.

With Track1, Singer Reimagined redefined the chronograph functionality. Following the introduction of the Launch Edition in June 2017 and the Geneva Edition in January 2018, Singer Reimagined now unveiled the third version of Track1, the Hong Kong Edition.
Singer Reimagined refined a process to produce technical components: aluminium-ceramization. This high-performance process is now used to manufacture the black case of the Track1 Hong Kong edition.


Ceramic-aluminium is crafted by electro-plasma oxidation. The surface layer of an aluminium alloy is transformed into ceramic. The result of this process is a super-black case combining exceptional scratch, wear and corrosion resistance with the lightness of its aluminium core. The interplay between light and shadows enhances the sleek lines of the 43 mm barrel-shaped case and its smooth-to-the-touch surface offers an exceptional tactile experience. Located on either side of the case the crown and pushers are fashioned out of grad 5 titanium. Their surface is treated with deep black DLC coating providing superior resistance and beautiful looks.
The case is water resistant to 10 atm.

With the Hong Kong Edition, Singer Reimagined Track1 takes a sleek turn. Encased in high performance ceramic-aluminium, this revolutionary chronograph is presented in a lightweight version clad in black with powerful orange accents.
The time of the day is presented in striking relief around the periphery of the dial by the small pointer at 6 o’clock, floating just above 2 rotating discs.


The AgenGraphe, the calibre powering the Singer Track1 stands apart from all previous chronograph movements. The result of a decade of development, this groundbreaking piece of mechanical ingenuity completely redefines fundamental principles. The underlying idea that led to the invention of this calibre was to enhance the legibility of the chronograph with the use of small counters spread out across the dial. Thanks to a new architecture, the AgenGraphe brings together all the chronograph functions in the centre of the watch, allowing for an intuitive reading of elapsed time. To further enhance legibility, the chronograph incorporates jumping minute and hour indicators.
The automatic movement works at a frequency of 3 Hz and provides a power-reserve of up to 60 hours after being fully wound.

The Singer Reimagined Track1 Hong Kong Edition is limited to 50 pieces and is equipped with a black textile strap.

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