Super-Limited Edition: Speake-Marin One & Two


This year, Speake-Marin launches a new watch in the J-Class Collection equipped with a new in-house movement: The One in red gold and the Two in titanium. This new watch comes also in two different sizes – in 38mm and 42mm.
The J-Class Collection is the most classical of Speake-Marin. The One & Two are a change from the other watches in this collection, but they still feature a pure and clean design of the dial, sport a Piccadilly case and the typical Speake-Marin style hands as well as the characteristic pleated crown.

With the One & Two, the manufacturer chose to fully skeletonize the grey dial to reveal the majority of the new movement. Speake-Marin has decided to forgo numerals on the dial completely, creating a refined design and placing a small seconds indication at 1.30. The latter adds a greater equilibrium to the skeletonized dial when coupled with the aesthetics of the barrel and rotor.



The SMA01, a self-winding in-house calibre featuring central hours and minutes as well as small seconds. It provides a power reserve of approximately 52 hours after being fully wound.
The movement was kept slim by integrating the micro automatic mass flush with the bridges. Each movement carries a COSC certificate assuring its precision and reliability, accentuating the technical magnificence of this calibre which is entirely assembled and adjusted by hand.

This new movement is nested in a new version of the Piccadilly, an evolution of the iconic Speake-Marin case. The new case is more technical than the original, allowing the straps to be closer integrated. Also, the crown was moved further into the case, the aesthetics were carefully softened while the original Piccadilly DNA has been maintained.
The bezel and the case back slightly overlap the central case section, altering the overall look of the One & Two. In addition, the glass traditionally set in to the bezel now has been altered to a box form, reducing the overall thickness of the case and accentuating the technical aspect of the watch.

Each piece of this collection is limited edition and comes on a black leather bracelet.


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