Technical Dreams in White Gold and Purple


The MB&F Legacy Machine No.2 lies at the highest end of its horological spectrum. When MB&F first presented it in 2013, it was one of the most forward-looking expressions of traditional mechanical watchmaking in the market. Even today, the LM2 still occupies the end-zone of innovative horology, and a new version, presented with a purple dial of arresting visual depth, embodies this position. So let’s look at this stunning piece – and fall in love.
Legacy Machines are wondrous reinterpretations of significant horological inventions. So the contemporary look endowed by the otherworldly appearance of the MB&F Legacy Machine No.2’s dual flying balances, suspended high above the dial from four arcing arms, may at first appear paradoxical. But make no mistake, the LM2 is a timepiece tracing its lineage back over 250 years.
Back in white gold, the material of one of its launch editions, the LM2 frames its hypnotic engine in a discreet case.


Following the sleeker balance bridges of the redesigned LM2 Titanium, the LM2 White Gold Purple offers a more elegant take on the original industrial aesthetic of the first LM2. The sunray-finished dial plate is given its perfect purple hue via the process of chemical vapour deposition (or CVD, if you prefer), which evenly coats the dial surface and gives it a multi-faced colouration under different angles of light – ranging from a deep violet to an almost electric shade of plasma purple.

Oscillating on the high, the exalted double balance wheels of the LM2 were inspired by, and pay homage to, one of the rarest mechanisms in the history of watchmaking: the dual regulator.
On display under a domed sapphire crystal cupola, the dial of the the Legacy Machine No.2, which is actually the top plate of the movement, is an object lesson in symmetrical simplicity. The white stretched lacquer sub dial at 12 o’clock, which its blued gold hour and minute hands, is visually balanced by the large, raised differential at 6 o’clock. The two flying balances and their escapements are identical mirror images, right down to the position of the stud holders pinning their balance springs.
While the levitated oscillating balance wheels of the binary regulators catch – and hold – the viewer’s gaze, it is the large planetary differential sitting proud on the dial that is the real heart of the Legacy Machine No.2. The differential has three roles: Transferring power to each of the regulators, receiving the individual timing rates from each balance and transmitting the average rate of the two regulators to the gear train, where it finally manifests itself as the displayed time.

The MB&F Legacy Machine No.2 White Gold Purple is a limited edition of just 12 pieces.


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