The Colorful Watch Universe From Full Spot

In the matter of color the watches from Full Spot leave nothing to be desired. Stylish and trendy are these watches probably the exact opposite of what most people already have in their watch collection – the watches from Full Spot may be a little too much fun for the serious watch enthusiast.

oclock_watches_mainThe maunfacturer is not specialized in making watches. There aren’t such specifics as the case size. The only size information relates to the diameter of the straps, that come in four sizes – very small (14,8 cm), small (16 cm), medium (18 cm) and large (20 cm). They are made from silicone, shaped like a bracelet and have no clasp. On the top is a casing for the watch case.

The watch itself is made from metal and plastic and it has a quartz movement made by Citizen. The case can be removed from the strap and another one can be inserted – or the watch can be inserted in another strap. That makes the watch very universal and the possibilities are endless since there are lots and lots of different colored bracelets and varying case models. Every case and strap Full Spot offers can be bought on its own and combined as it pleases, depending on the color of the clothes, nail polish or occasion. The O Clock suits everyone.

Fullspot-o-clock-disney-watchNot only the straps, the dials are also offered in different designs. The Classic O Clock has a plain white dial with only the brand logo on 6 o’clock and white hour and minute hands. The Tone on Tone watches have dials colored in the same shade than the straps; there are models with safari colors, camouflage, tartan or neon colors, such showing also seconds, numerals and indices and many other designs. Like I said, the possibilities are endless and more colors and variations are still in the making.

Fullspot-o-clock-splash-watchAs if that wouldn’t be enough, there’s also the O Chive, a pocket watch and the O Click Watch Necklace.

These watches from Full Spot are super-fun, versatile and downright crazy. And the best is: They are  really really cheap and there is literally no one who can’t afford one of these. Or two. Or more.

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