Truly Unique Design: ochs und junior day/night


Ochs and junior, the small watch company from Lucerne has specialised in radically simplifying complex functions, both in terms of mechanics and of highly intuitive readability. And now ochs and junior introduced a new model, the day/night, with a function never before seen in a wristwatch. Here, innovation is not just a hollow phrase but the basis of everything.

Ludwig Oechslin has experience in inventing and developing revolutionary watch mechanisms. He achieved worldwide recognition with his Trilogy of Time, developed for Ulysse Nardin, with its sophisticated astronomical displays reduced all the way down to the size of a wristwatch. Additional “game changers” like the Ulysse Nardin Freak are also the Result of his work.


How long till sunrise? Is there enough daylight left for a little bike ride this evening? Where in the sky is the moon? The day/night answers all of these questions. Besides displaying the time, the date, and the moon phase, it also shows at what time the sun will rise and set, plus the current positions of the sun and the moon. It shows all of this in an extremely simple manner that makes it intuitively readable and easy to set. Sounds nearly too good to be true, doesn’t it? But still, it is.
The sun and the moon move in a median time. This latter differs from the time zone time depending on one’s position. Sunrise and sunset will occur at different times in the same time zone. the day/night difference is the more pronounced the further one moves away from the equator in geographic latitude. Using the button near the 6 o’clock marker, “true noon,” which depends on one’s longitude, can be set very simply. The same function is used to switch from daylight savings to standard time and back.


And this is how you read the functions: The light and dark-colored areas around the dial show the length of day and night. The lines separating them represent the horizon. The horizon fans move up or down every 10 days to account for seasonal changes.
Sunrise is when the sun passes from the darker colored area of the dial into the lighter colored area. Sunset is when the sun passes from the lighter colored area to the darker colored area. The moon’s position in relation to the sun indicates the moon phase. (The center of the watch is representing the earth.) When the moon is beneath the sun, it is new moon, when the moon is opposite the sun, it is full moon.

Here’s a video showing you how that looks:

The manufacture’s caliber UN-320 from Ulysse Nardin, with whom ochs and junior maintains a collaborative relationship, serves as the base movement. The entire mechanism is executed with just 13 additional parts.
Ochs and junior is fitting it in a 40-mm-case made from titanium or silver; the titanium is water-resistant up to 5 atm, the silver one only till 3 atm.


Like all watch models in the collection of ochs and junior, the day/night allows customers to configure countless details for themselves. Since the length of day and night vary according to one’s position, the watch is manufactured specifically to the geographical latitude requested by the customer. This position individualization can be change, should its wearer shift the center of their life.

As for the straps, customers can choose between 80 different options.

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