Urban Style for the Advanced from MeisterSinger


One year ago, MeisterSinger presented a young, fresh interpretation of the single-hand watch. Because even in the tireless cities not everyone wants to measure their time in seconds. In the last year, MeisterSinger’s city kid learned new tricks. May we introduce: The new Urban Day Date.

The Urban Day Date offers an easy-to-read day- and date display and an even more dynamic design than the original Urban watches. With its clear, concise appearance and striking numerals, the Urban fits in perfectly with the lifestyle of young city dwellers who confidently dispense with anything too complicated and don’t let themselves be rushed. In the new Day Date version, it displays the weekday at twelve o’clock and the current date at six o’clock in two different windows.
One of the specialties of MeisterSinger are calendar displays on open rings, but in the Urban Day Date, the manufacturer opted for using date windows. Their shapes are also part of the manufactures’ design code, as the circular date window has been created to match the case design and the semicircle for reading the weekday corresponds to the fermata logo and follows the form of the bezel. Above all, it creates a fascinating point of interest in between the upper hour markers.


The Urban Day Date is the only MeisterSinger to display the typical twin hour digits only at 02, 04, 08, and 10 o’clock, which gives the models a particularly synchronicity and a dynamic look. The powerful typography emphasizes the instrumental character of the watch just as much as the red tip of the single hour hand.
MeisterSinger offers the Urban Day Date in four different designs with different colored dials. In every version the day and date windows underscore the distinctive geometry with a matching contrasting color. The opaline silver and sand gray versions are fitted with black date disks, while in the black and blue versions they are a vibrant red.

The Urban Day Date is powered by a dependable automatic caliber, the Miyota 8265. It can be watched through the glass back. The mainspring provides a power reserve of 42 hours and guarantees that the date disks are jumping precisely to the following calendar day at midnight. The movement lies in a stainless steel case, measuring 40 mm in diameter.
MeisterSinger is matching these watches with a textile strap, emphasizing the colors of the dials.

MeisterSinger will introduce its new Urban Day Date at the Baselworld 2019 and the watches will be available end of February.


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