Watch Nerds Beware: The MB&F Balthazar Is Here


Swiss watchmaker MB&F is known for its unique and highly sophisticated watches, combining an extraordinaire design with great features. The new Balthazar, a robot clock, is no exception. It doesn’t just look like an solid piece of complex high-precision micro-engineering, he is just that: 618 components go into the construction of his body and clockwork; more pieces than in most complicated wristwatches.
The MB&F Balthazar is a sophisticated and imposing high-precision clock, displaying jumping hours, retrograde seconds and a 35-day power reserve. And it comes bearing a dark side as well – like every single one of us does too.



The light side shows a month-busting 35 days of power reserve, the clockwork displays “slow” jumping hours and trailing minutes via two discs in the chest of Balthazar, while the power reserve indicator is located on his belly. This side of the robot watch may be serene, but it is stil always on guard: Balthazar’s red eyes, which continuously scan the surroundings, are actually 20-second retrograde displays.
Balthazar’s “brain” under the glass dome features the precision regulator of the clockwork. The animated balance constantly oscillates to let you know that while he might standing still, Balthazar is always calculating.

When you rotate the torso of the robot watch 180 degrees you discover a much more terrifying version of the robot watch, along with a dual hemisphere moon phase indicator which is accurate for 122 years. It can be adjusted manually. With rotating Balthazar, everything changes: smiling Balthazar becomes very dar, or vice versa. The dark side reveals the absolute nature of the robot’s darkness: a hard skull with menacing teeth and deep-set ruby-red eyes.


But the MB&F Balthazar does more than display horological events: as well as rotating around the hips, his arms articulate at both the shoulders and the elbows, and his hands can clasp and hold objects – how cool is that!
Above all that Balthazar’s shield conceals and protects the secret of his awesome power: an integrated clock-winding and time-setting key.

Weighing in at over 18 pounds and standing nearly 16 inches tall, Balthazar is composed of 618 micro-engineered components.
Balthazar is available in limited editions of only 50 pieces per color in black, silver, blue or green armour.

MB&F provides a lot more information about Balthazar and the other amazing timepieces in their collection here.


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