Whaaaat? This is a mechanical watch?! Cool stuff from Ressence

Ressence_Type5_5The watch designs of Ressence are based on one single design concept. Usually, that’s not the best of ideas, as watch manufacturers want to stay permanently on the highly competitive market. But for Ressence, this concept is working very well. One one hand, because the manufacturer has put a lot of research and development work into his innovative watches, and, on the other hand, the design of the watches in incomparable and the mechanics simply brilliant.

Four month ago Ressence released its first dive watch: The Ressence Type 5. The timepieces of the Belgian manufacturer create the perfect illusion through their oil-filled housing – that of a solid dial with invisible connections between the single components. As a result the watches from Ressence look like smart watches while being mechanical ones.
Oil-filled cases are made for dive watches. Through the lack of air in the case they can endure incredible pressure changes. A fantastic, clear and overall dial legibility from every angle is the result of combining a convex, coated sapphire glass with the oil filling.

Ressence_Type5_4The few other oil-filled watches on the market are usually powered by quartz movements, but the Ressence Type 5 houses a mechanical one. A mechanical movement and a large amount of oil are not necessarily the best combination. To make it work, Ressence has modified the used Swiss Made ETA movement heavily. It’s very likely that the Ressence Type 5 is the only oil-filled mechanical dive watch on the market.

The dive watch is waterproof up to 100 meters and therefore the timepiece is more suitable for less professional divers. With a diameter of 46 mm and 15,5 mm in height the case is not exactly discreet. The combination of titan and sapphire crystal makes the model quite light though. You won’t find a crown on any of the watches from Ressence; every setting is made through the case back.
Inside the case there are two different chambers: The upper one houses the dial and the oil (37.5 ml to be exact), the lower one is dry and contains the mechanical movement. The information between the movement and the dial is transmitted through micro magnets.
For the display, the manufacturer has developed a special mechanism, the Ressence Orbital Convex System, short ROCS.

The mechanical movement in the Type 5 has a manual winding and provides energy for hours, minutes, small seconds, a date display and the oil temperature. It operates at 28.800 vibrations per hour and comes with a power reserve of approximately 36 hours.

Ressence-Type-5_1When the temperature changes, oil changes its volume – a problem Ressence already had to deal with in its previous models. In each case there are seven specialized bellows, which are reacting to the changing volume of the oil. The oil temperature is also shown on the dial, allowing the wearer to understand the unusual activities of this timepiece.
The Type 5 is equipped with a black leather or NATO strap.

As unbelievably cool as this watch is already looking on the pictures – it is said to be even much more impressive if you hold one in your hands. But the Ressence watches are clearly not for everyone. And not everyone who likes them will be able to afford one: for this particular model you will have to pay $35.800 excluding taxes.
The high prices have two reasons: The incomparable, truly unique design and the hard work it took to implement it.

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