Zenith Pilot Type 20 Blueprint

Zenith reveals the unseen schematics of its dials in a special rendition of the Pilot Type 20, aptly named “Blueprint”.
There’s something about blueprints that has always sparked intrigue and curiosity. After all, they are what translates the wildest dreams into tangible objects. Typical of production and engineering plans in the mid-19th and early 20th centuries, each element was carefully calculated and precisely drawn as the basis of a project. Now a relic from a bygone era, the blueprint nevertheless continues to fascinate, and is synonymous with thorough planning and ingenious vision.

When looking at a watch’s dial, one tends to pay attention to the colors, the finish, the shape of the hands and markers, the typography of numerals, without giving much thought to the precise calculations and design considerations that go into making it. And yet, each Zenith dial is meticulously thought out and developed, no detail is left to chance. The designers sought to highlight this “unseen” aspect of the dial, by incorporating its production plans directly onto it.
The dial is created in two parts: a matte blue base with all technical plans and notes used by the dial-maker, and above it a sapphire crystal and a sapphire crystal layer with the usual markers and logo. This creates a captivating and deep visual effect, where the various markings cast a slight shadow on the blue base and give the impression that they’re hovering above the blueprint dial.

Of course, the Pilot Type 20 Blueprint remains true to the legacy of Zenith’s ubiquitous Pilot watch. The oversized steel case measures 45 mm is finished with a mix of polished and satin-brushed surfaces and features the signature oversized “onion” shaped crown that allows the time to be adjusted even while wearing flight gloves. The side of the case features a screwed plaque bearing the unique limited edition number of the watch.
The case is water-resistant up to 10 atm.

This watch is powered by an Elite calibre, which provides a power-reserve of at least 50 hours. This automatic movement operates at a frequency of 4 Hz and is synonymous with absolute reliability and precision.

Zenith equipped the Pilot Type 20 Blueprint with a blue calfskin leather strap. It was already mentioned that this watch is a limited edition; Zenith is only making 250 pieces.

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